Release on 25 March 2013 B00BEQLOEU

isotope ISOTOPE - J'sBee
  1. Strange supper
  2. Lights
  3. Granma
  4. Under the Sun
  5. Blind in the Rye
  6. Angel Puke
  7. Moonlight Creature
  8. Farewell North Sea
  9. Chuck it All
  10. Laika Blanca

プロフィールの出演イベントに Fuji Rock Festivalと記されていますがFuji Rock Festivalに出演したのは ギターのKazumoto Terashimaの別ユニットでの出演です。 バンドプロフィールと 個人プロフィールの分け方に問題があったようです。J'sBeeとしては 2004年にFuji Rock Festivalからお誘いがあったのですが都合がつかず断念しております。またのお誘いをお待ちしているところです。

In the part of events that invited in the past into our profile, it was mentioned that we were invited at Fuji Rock Festival, this is not profile of J's Bee, only played Kazumoto Terashima, guitarhad played with his another project at Fuji Rock Festival 2010. There's some problem to translate our information of band and each band members.J's Bee were offered to play in Fuji Rock Festival, 2004, however it was unavailable at that time, unfortunately. Hope to play in Fuji Rock Festival near future.